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I am an electrical and computer engineer from Boulder, Colorado.

I graduated Summa Cum Laude at the University of Colorado School of Engineering in May of 2015. I graduated with a focus in Power Electronics, Control Systems, and a certificate in Engineering Leadership.

I have spent over two years at Tensentric, designing, building, and testing Medial Devices for some of the world's largest MedTech companies. In my off time, I’ve been building Fat-Tire eBikes, doing technical teardowns, and reverse engineering other people’s hardware and software. Oh, and the occasional trip down under!

I’ve also been sharpening my software skills by doing freelance software projects, mainly in Python, C, and C++. My most recent project is the webapp front and backend for, a social media management tool for Instagram users. It’s written using Python-Flask and is deployed to PythonAnywhere VPS (which is an incredibly cool service!).

Feel free to check out some of my open-soruce projects on Github and Thingiverse.