Jay Greco

Personal Projects & Open-Source Work

A formal resume is great, but I don't feel like it can truly show who I am and what I'm about. I made this portfolio page with the hopes that I can give a better picture of my capabilities and my passion for creating and design. In addition to creating content through blogging and sharing my learnings on YouTube, I love creating physical, tangible products though hardware and software. In no order whatsoever, here's a list of some of my recent personal and side projects.

The nullbits co.

In early 2017, several friends and I started a lighthearted computer peripheral and IoT company, nullbits. Our first product, currently in the crowdfunding stage on Indiegogo in partnership with Arrow Electronics is called the DB1 Pro. The DB1 Pro is a multifunction macro keypad and USB headphone DAC that features configurable RGB lighting. It's built using the popular open-source QMK firmware. All software (app and firmware) will be open-source and available on launch day. Below are some shots of the DB1 in various stages of development, from PoC hardware, to 3D printed model, to final CNC'ed form-factor.





We've got a few more cool ideas in the bag, including a Nanoleaf-like wall decoration. This thing's awesome: it uses an ESP32 wifi module from Espressif as the control module for wireless control, custom-made LCD backlight panels as the light source (ordered from overseas to spec), and connects individual panels using a mesh-like I2C network passed through standard USB connectors. The current prototype combines 3D printed and laser cut plastics. As with the DB1, all software, both on the panel and the control module, will be free and open-source.




One awesome tool we developed for the development processes on these wifi modules is ESPRemoteSerial, a network remote serial monitor for ESP32 and ESP8266 that makes remote development and debugging on these modules way easier.

PCBs, PCBs, and more PCBs

I'm EAGLE obsessed and an OSHPark addict.


All of my personal & side projects are done in EAGLE, although it is a personal goal of mine to learn KiCad as well.


I'm active on GitHub and have created and contributed to many open-source software projects in varying languages, from Python, HTML/JS, to C++ and even assembly. Here are just a few of them .

Multirotors and other assorted flying things


With the advent of semi-powerful and inexpensive commodity MCUs and gyro/accelerometers -- thanks to mobile phones -- came, for the first time, the ability for hobbyists to build their own home-grown multirotor aircraft (or "drones", but I'm not a huge fan of this label). This stuff was a nerd's dream. Open, hackable, and cheap...I was hooked. My first successful build was a wooden (yes, wooden) Tricopter, created with the inspiration of David Windestål. Being, well, wooden, you can imagine it was easy to break. No matter, for it was a great excuse to iterate and continue to build more variants. By 2015, I'd built a V-tail, quadcopter, and several FPV miniquads.



Miniquad 1

Miniquad 2

All of this inspired me to create OpenNaze, followed by OpenAIO, an open-source (HW and SW) all-in-one flight controller for anything ranging from a fixed wing plane, to Tricopters up to Hexacopters.


ParkingPal is a fun and quick weekend project I put together after realizing how tight parking in our garage is getting. Everything is open-source, and quite a few parts are sourced directly from SparkFun.